Recommendation: Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega books

I just finished Cry Wolf, the first book of the Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs. I have been reading the Mercy Thompson series for the past few years, which takes place in the same universe. If you haven’t read that either series–and enjoy urban fantasy–I recommend checking both out.

The books take place in modern day, except with werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural creatures. The Mercy Thompson novels are narrated in the first person by Mercy, who can shapeshift into a coyote. She lives in Kennewick, in the Tri-Cities, home of a werewolf pack lead by Adam Hauptman. Do you expect things to get steamy and romantic? Are you ready to turn away running? Surprisingly, the stories are more about Mercy solving supernatural mysteries–often with the help of Adam and the pack–than they are about Mercy’s love life.

The Alpha & Omega series, which I am just getting into, revolve around Anna, a rare Omega werewolf, and her mate, Charles a powerful Alpha werewolf. The first book, Cry Wolf, focuses on Charles and Anna’s developing relationship. Together they solve mysteries around the country as they are sent out by Charles’ father Bran, who is the head of all of the werewolves in North America.

As I was editing this post, it struck me that the descriptions here probably sound really cheesy. And you know what? The premise is a bit silly. But, no worse than a hundred-year-old vampire who falls in life with a teenager, or a bunch of kids taking wizarding classes. If you aren’t down with supernatural stories, this won’t change your mind. But, if you are, then maybe this sounds a bit less goofy.

The main characters in both series are likable and don’t make dumb decisions just for the sake of moving plot forward. I have been particularly impressed with Briggs’ characterization of Mercy Thompson. I have read too many stories with strong women who are “strong women”–they have spunk and announce their spunk and that is the proof of their strength. That’s not Mercy. She has her vulnerabilities. She doesn’t make bad decisions to prove her strength, only to have a man swoop in to back her up. She is just a capable woman who goes up against ridiculous odds and often comes out on top.

If you need something light, with a universe and mythology that deepens over the course of the series, I highly recommend these books.

Where to start:

  • Moon Called – Book 1 of the Mercy Thompson Series
  • Alpha & Omega – A short novella introducing the Alpha and Omega Series
  • Cry Wolf – The first proper novel in the Alpha and Omega Series

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