Madness Hides Within the Clouds

A story prompt to think about while listening to this piece:

On May 17, 1943, the B-17 Old Scratch’s Glory reported entering an “odd storm” that had formed over an unidentified portion of the Pacific. Twenty minutes after entering the storm, the pilot described seeing purple and red lightning arcing across the clouds and requested to abort the mission and return. An hour after receiving permission to abort, the radio operator sent a frantic message indicating that they were lost in the storm and that the crew had to restrain the tail gunner who had attempted to open the bomb bay doors so that he could let his wife board the plane. No further communications were received.

How I made it

This song was made with the OP-Z, Korg Volca Keys, and Empress ZOIA. The OP-Z was sending MIDI to the Volca. Both devices’ outputs ran into a Mackie mix. The send 1 of the mixer went to the left channel of the ZOIA for reverb. The send 2 of the mixer went to the right channel for delay. The stereo output of the ZOIA was returned to its own channel.

The song was recorded in one take into my Zoom H4n Pro.