I’m Blogging Again

Why? No one blogs anymore.

I know, but I enjoy trying to create things that are entertaining. Even if only a few friends come and visit regularly, it seems worth it.

My plan is to write about technology, law, and the occasional bit of fiction. I’m not doing that last one on my own as much as I would like, so perhaps this can serve as a commitment device (and a get over yourself device). I also hope to share music (mostly beats and loops) and pictures (mostly of my dog or random macro pics).

Hopefully I will entertain a few people. If not, well, screaming into the void on a blog isn’t much different than doing so in meatspace.

(I’ll probably read this all later and feel cheesy and delete it.)

One thought on “I’m Blogging Again

  1. Glad to see you’re back from the land of the walking dead (I mean, walking dad). Always look forward to your thoughts on tech, tunes, and tales.

    I need a new phone and can’t stomach the price of the Pixel 2 XL. Reading A Wrinkle In Time with the boys, and starting Ready Player One on my own. Going to see Hamilton in Chicago this summer with Christy and the boys (they are constantly singing the songs – and consequently know more about A. Hamilton than I).

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