Drone Delivery

I like drones.

They are great for making beautiful video. Unfortunately, they are also great for filming naked people in their backyards.

That fear is probably why they get shot down.

Drone racing is also a thing now. I don’t say that flippantly. I’d love to go watch one.

Companies like Amazon also think that drones should deliver our packages. I don’t like that idea–I am 90% sure that packages will fall from the sky and land on my head and kill me. There is no way around it. The drone will hit a bird, get hit by a bullet (or baseball, or frisbee, or squirrel). They will fall, either from failure or sabotage.

And now, Chinese retailer JD.com is working on a drone that can carry up to 2000 lbs. That takes things from death by head injury to death by Looney Tunes-style squishing. No thanks.

via Recode

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