Things You Should Know This Week (04.01.2016)

Oculus Rift shipped and it is the beginning of our plugged-in future. I have a couple comments here. Oh, and I’m not the only one talking about how porn will drive VR’s adoption.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is coming someday and people have been trying the latest version. Where Oculus is Virtual Reality (VR), HoloLens is Augmented Reality (AR?)–the goggles superimpose images over your view of the real world.

Yeasayer’s new album, Amen & Goodbye, came out today and it is excellent. You can check it out on the major streaming services.

Amazon shipped the Tap, a smaller, battery-powered version of the Echo. I wish they had just called it the Echo Tap for clarity. That said, I love my Echo and wanted another device for other parts of the house, so I bought one.

I have been think a lot about that fact that I need to say “No” more often. Derek Sivers wrote about it years ago, and his advice is still good.

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