Articles that Made it to Evernote

Throughout the week, I drop a lot of articles into Pocket to read later. When I finally get around to reading one of these articles (could be weeks, could be months), I do one of two things. If the article ends up being just entertainment, I will click the checkmark and it will be archived. If the article is something that I want to share, read again for inspiration, or use for research, I will give it a star. That star triggers an IFTTT recipe that will create a new note in Evernote. I will occasionally be sharing the best of those here on my blog.

We’re Already Violating Virtual Reality’s First Code of Ethics, by Daniel Oberhaus
I am mixture of fascinated, excited, and horrified by our VR future. I bought Google Cardboard a few weeks ago and have had a lot of fun with this simple intro to the medium. As soon as I find someone who has an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, I am going to befriend them to see what the future actually looks like.

As VR gets more real, we need to pay close attention to how it affects us as humans – an immersive environment may change us more fundamentally than other computer interfaces. In this article, Oberhaus discusses a recent paper proposing a code of ethics for VR.

12 Powerful Habits I have Stolen From Ultra-Successful People by Tomas Laurinavicius
Lists like this are neither new nor unique, but I read them anyway as a surrogate coach who is hounding me to be better. I want to wake up early, make lists, and employ those habits that will improve my personal and professional life. I also want to pick and choose from the endless options for betterment. To save you time, I have reduced the list here, but please read the article for the why of each of these habits:
– Waking up early
– Making lists
– Habit stacking
– Stretching
– Listening to podcasts
– Meditation
– Reading
– Writing
– Defining the most important task
– Doing the affirmations
– Visualization
– Exercise

How to Booth Your Team’s Productivity by Rebecca Knight
I love Harvard Business Review, their magazine, their blog (even with it’s lame limit on the number of articles you can read each month), and their daily emails. This blog post was shared in a recent Management Tip of the Day and covers a number of techniques you can employ to support your team. Since I don’t manage a team, I will use it as a tool for self management.

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